Thursday, July 18, 2013

When God has bigger plans...

dreams come true! Sounds so cheesy, but it is absolutely true! This is the reason I blog... to remember all the small and HUGE moments in our lives and this is one story I can't wait to tell my children and grandchildren one day! 

 This guy has been studying nonstop since 2002, which is why he is a smartie doctor and I am not. I remember more than one occasion being annoyed that he was "no fun" and always reading and having to go places alone because he had an upcoming test, blah blah! 

Here's the long whole story:
McTreaty graduated med school in 2011. He had his heart set on matching into an orthopedic surgery residency at Oklahoma State or in Oklahoma City and it didn't happen. He had literally studied his 20's away all to be told he couldn't pursue the occupation he dreamed of doing. Absolutely crushing! 

McTreaty didn't give up though! He enrolled in some grad classes yes, more school! and was able to continue rotations at different hospitals in different states. I won't lie...that was such a hard year on us financially and emotionally, but thankfully we survived it! When it came time for the D.O. match the next year...he didn't match into orthopedics again. Even more crushing!

 There was absolutely NO way we could survive him not working another year, so he entered the infamous "scramble." It's where all hospitals post their open residency positions for med students who didn't match into a program. He had a couple of phone/skype interviews, was offered a position in Ohio, but before he had to make his final decision, he got a call from a hospital in South Florida.

 After missing one flight and rescheduling his interview, he was hired and had a signed contract. We were moving from Oklahoma to South Florida. McTreaty was going to be an anesthesiologist! 

We embraced our new beach life and McTreaty joined the working adult world! He had never done an anesthesia rotation in med school, so he had a lot to learn! He enjoyed what he did, but he still longed to be an orthopedic surgeon!

Out of the blue, this guy gets a call from an ortho program asking him if he is still interested in being an orthopedic surgeon because they had an unfunded position. Um...yes please! McTreaty got in touch with some hospitals and was doing everything he could to get funding! After speaking with two attendings on a phone interview, he was offered a funded orthopedic surgery position! (funded means the hospital pays and you don't have to find a hospital to give you funding) Hallelujah! 

Here are a few GOD things:
*the ortho program has never hired anyone who never rotated with them
*they have never hired anyone they haven't met in person
*when McTreaty talked to his current hospital to resign, they said they actually had too many anesthesia residents and him leaving would help them! (sometimes they won't release you from a program!)
*he got to go in as a PGY2 (a second year resident) sometimes when you switch programs, you have to start over as a 1st year
*we were able to find the perfect house with a yard without ever seeing it
*we live a few blocks away from the hospital (McTreaty was driving over 45 minutes to get to work)

We can only thank God for such a huge blessing and answering prayers! Just when it seemed his dream was shattered, God opened another door!


specificallychosen said...

Thank you for reminding me that God has a path but it's not what we expect! LOVE YOU!!!

Haley said...

So happy for you guys! Love that you have such a great vacation spot for us girls to come visit!!

Jenna@The Pink Lantern said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting...just goes to show that even when you think a door has closed that God has bigger things in store. :)

Swati singh said...

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