Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Mason Jar Herb Garden

I saw this herb garden and these jars on pinterest and added my own details to create a fun mason jar herb garden that I LOVE!

I gave each clean jar two coats of paint, waited until the next day, then sanded the words and various areas with sandpaper. I used a wet paper towel to gently clean each jar and when it was dry I spray painted on a clear coat. (I used what I had on hand, which was glossy. I think matte would be even better though!)

 I tied some twine around each jar leaving extra to tie on my letter tag.

 Luckily, I already had these adorable letter tags from Hobby Lobby.

 After they were labeled, I added soil and seeds.

 I filled the soil almost to the top before adding my seeds and a second layer of soil.

 I just love how cute they turned out to be!

I love them on my kitchen window seal! Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that herbs will actually grow!


Ali Richardson said...

CUTE!! Love this :)

specificallychosen said...

Love..Love..Love!! I think the inside garden would be way easier! I always forget to water them outside! Way Cute!

Haley said...

That is adorable!! I hope they grow!

Morgan said...

Cuuuuute! Once they grow, you'll have to cook! :)

Mrs. Jones said...

Love this! I bet they grow sooner than you could have imagined!

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