Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Rock Star Classroom

Here's a little peek at where I spend the majority of my days. 

 Pearl studded letters, glitter clothespins, and pics of my students rocking out decorates my hallway wall.

I even managed to find a free rock star font that I used for everything this year!
Frog Street Press 5" bling letters with pearls $14.99 (FST 5176)
Carson Dellosa Rock Star notepad $3.49 (CD 151044)

 My helper board. I rotate the clothes pins with labels hot glued each week. The students may have to wait a bit to be on the helper board, but once they are, they have a job for 3 months! (One of my sweet students made me those adorable pumpkins wrapped in pink zebra fabric!)
Frog Street Press Rocker Chic Double-sided border $6.99 (FST 3143)
Frog Street Press Rocker Chic Create & Decorate $11.99 (FST 4547)
Frog Street Press Rocker Chic labels $4.99 (FST 119)

 This is my language focus board! I had been wanting to do this for a couple of years and finally managed to get it together this year and just love making references to it all week!

 My kids LOVE being the Rock Star of the week! The blank charts around the poster are for their pictures that they bring and want to share!

I even had to rock out my plain alphabet strip!
Frog Street Press Damask and Pearls Double Sided Border $6.99 (FST 3145)
Teacher Created Resources Guitar Cut Outs $5.49 (TCR 5186)

 My Star Words is my word wall...those letters have bling on them! For my word wall letters, I just used a notepad and added black foam sticker letters!
Frog Street Press 5" bling letters with jewels $14.99 (FST 5178)
Renewing Minds Zebra Star Notepad $3.49 (SKU: 2046605) from Mardel

Here's a close up of a few of the words. The pink glitter words are the fancy words from Fancy Nancy

 Calendar board
Frog Street Press Damask and Pearls Double Sided Border $6.99 (FST 3145)
Frog Street Press Calendar  Cards $3.49 (FST 2331)
Frog Street Press Damask and Pearls Computer Paper $5.99 (FST 4430)

My kids were cracking me up with how excited they got over which color guitar was theirs when they met their reading goal!
Frog Street Press Rocker Chic Computer Paper $5.99 (FST 4427)

 This is a cute idea to go with The Pout Pout Fish that I snagged from Pinterest!

 I could NOT believe how adorable they turned out!

 This was another we paint project we did to go with the book Only One You. 

 It is the most adorable story about a fish who realizes he doesn't have to be like everyone else! LOVE it!

As you can see I kind of transfer my love of pink to my classroom since I can't decorate my house with it! Ironically enough, my boys don't mind a bit! I know my room is loud and busy and not for everyone, but I love it...and that's what counts! lol!

*edited August 1, 2012 
I love all the emails with questions I've gotten about my classroom! I've decided to include product names, prices, and product numbers to make it easier. All of my decorations were purchased at The Apple Tree, my favorite teacher supply store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you aren't a local, you can order by phone using the product name and numbers! 
call toll free: 800.536.2753

Here's a list of a few more items I love that weren't pictured:
Frog Street Press Rocker Chic Houndstooth Computer Paper $5.99 (FST4428)
Frog Street Press Damask and Pearls Chart $2.49 (FST 4634)
Carson Dellosa Rock Star name tags $3.49 (CD 150014)
Carson Dellosa nameplates $3.49 (CD 122023)
Carson Dellosa Backstage Pass Cut Outs $5.99 (CD 120076)


Jax said...

Ohmygosh this is so cute! I kinda want to come to your class and I'm an adult! haha!

Ashley said...

Those are some lucky kiddos! Super cute room too.

Ali Richardson said...

WOW!! It's so hip and cool. Nothing like any of my old classrooms were. Those are some seriously lucky kids :)

Kimmy said...

So so cute!!!!

Jamie said...

Your classroom is SO cute!

Madison's Mommy said...

Rock Star Classroom PERFECTION! SO SO CUTE! I want to be in your class....ha ha! You have done such an amazing job!


TiffanyClark said...

Cute cute cute classroom! Love your photos from Trick or treat! BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your borders and guitar die-cuts?

Anonymous said...

Please tell! I'm interested in the guitars as well!!

mrslgreen said...

Hi where did you get your guitar and star cut-outs?

nikita young said...

I love this! Where can I find the border and the guitars?

Rebekah Embree said...

I'm a teacher and would love to know about the guitar and star cut outs too. Thanks.

Rebekah Embree

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